dealsdairy queen: bogo for $0.99


Cool! (Or cold, more likely...)Sweet!


Forwarded to everyone in my company along with the hours and location my daughter will be working.


cant wait to get my Buzzard of the month!


BOGO IS BUY ONE GET ONE... FREE. Buy one. GET one. FREE. FREE. FREE. Not get one half off (payless). Not get one for $.99 (Blizzard). I will never support a company that uses BOGO for a half off or reduce price sale. BOGO = Buy one get one. You buy one. You get one. PERIOD!!!!


Bogo isn't exclusive to just buy one get one free. Your post is bad and you should feel bad.


@triplebud: This argument happens every time there is a "BOGO" deal, and I'm on your side. At least tctk1044 included the real price in the title, so it's nothing to get up in arms about.


The generally accepted concept of BOGO is that if you Buy One you Get One, and generally its for free. In this case DQ is selling you a Blizzard at $2.39 and up depending on size, and you can buy the 2nd one for 99 cents.

Thats still a good deal.
Perhaps the original poster was constrained by the title space. This would have been clearer:

Dairy Queen - Buy One Blizzard full price, 2nd for 99 cents! would have been more appropriate.


Yes BOGO IS exclusive to just buy one get one. That's why it's not called BOGOF. YOU BUY ONE, YOU GET ONE. PERIOD. PERIOD. PERIOD. It pisses me off so much. I don't give a damn if I get downvoted. BOGO = BUY ONE GET ONE. PERIOD. This used to be a site for deals.




@triplebud: Aaaaaaand now you're just throwing a tantrum.


@triplebud: I fail to see how getting a free period is EVER considered a deal. Hell,

On the house. Should be about a month supply. Now I am off to get a BOGO Blizzard deal with my sweetie.


Woot! you have failed me, finally. Forget the fact that I've only ever ordered one thing, and it was that B.O.C. that I'm sure I received only as the result of a server error. I could flush the toilet with my feet if I hadn't thrown that particular piece of crap directly in the trash.

But I digress. You clearly posted a scathing Ben The Over Literal Dermestid Beetle citicism of companies using the B.O.G.O acronym as a buy one at "blah" and get one at "blah." Now you are accepting money for that very thing. Sad, and when I say sad I mean sad for those of us not bankrolled by Amazon.

Of course if Dairy Queen backed a dump truck full of money up to my Paypal account, I'd say whatever they want, and disappointing whoever they asked me too...


@triplebud: Perhaps you can find a site you like better. Their loss will be our gain.


It was a reference to the movie Billy Madison. Nothing on a deal site could actually bother me that much.


@shoppy: "Bogo isn't exclusive to just buy one get one free."

Your argument does not pass a simple logic test. BOGO is an abbreviation of "Buy One, Get One." Hence, you buy one of a product and get one of the same product.

Let's say instead the deal was two for one, which is then abbreviated to "2-4-1." Then some retard lists a deal as "Dairy Queen: 2-4-1 for $0.99." Even my 6 year old son would understand that you are not getting two for the price of one if you have to pay 99 cents.

Therefore, if (BOGO) = (buy one, get one), then (BOGO for $0.99) /= (BOGO).


@grammaryahtzee: To the contrary, your post does not pass the logic test. By your own logic you indicated that BOGO is an abbreviation (I would have said acronym). Acronyms are commonly used in the same context as was used in the title of this deal. Take, for example, YMMV. While it can be a stand alone acronym, it can also be expanded to provide further information or reasoning. I agree that BOGO, by itself, indicates that you're buying one item and receiving another for free. However, in the case of this deal, BOGO is expanded to provide additional information that is helpful to the consumer while keeping a clean title that is concise and easy to read.

Furthermore, 2-4-1 is actually an abbreviation for "two for the price of one". You're correct to say that '2-4-1 for $0.99' doesn't make any sense UNLESS you're suggesting that the 'price of 1' is $0.99. IMO, your comparison is not apples-to-apples.

Oops, should I not have used IMO in that context?


@tctk1044: YMMV has two completely different meanings. BOGO has one meaning. Buy one get one. BOGO is not an acronym for Buy one get one for. BOGO + free shipping completely acceptable. BOGO for $.99 not acceptable. BOGO free...redundant but acceptable. I'm the guy who created the term BOGO. So it's not a debate. There is really nothing to talk about. I'm just telling you guys.


@tctk1044: I admit I was not explicit enough in my post.

"I would have said acronym." Ha ha! Yes! You are correct, sir! While an acronym is still an abbreviation it is the specific flavor of abbreviation in use here, as opposed to an initialism or a truncation.

"I agree that BOGO, by itself . . ." Mmm. yes, good, good.

"However, in the case of this deal, BOGO is expanded--" Wait, hold on a sec. If BOGO is expanded it is no longer BOGO. The acronym no longer applies. It would have to become Buy One Get Another at a Discount of X, or BOGADX. Or, in this case BOGAF$0.99. If this were to be further pursued companies would have to come up with their own special acronyms via the process of Make Your Acronym Something Special in order to distinguish their product. A lot of companies, IMO (which is a perfectly cromulent acronym BTW,) could benefit from using the approach to MYASS.

"Johnson! Where did you get this great advertisement acronym?"

"I pulled it from MYASS, sir!"


Can we just start using BOBO as an acronym for these kinds of deals?
(Buy one, buy one...cheaper. Because that'swhat this is.)