dealsfree amazon gift card with kinect of xbox purchase


250GB Xbox 360 w/ Kinect: $400 - $50 gift card = $350.

Kinect Sensor: $150 - $25 = $125.

Am I missing something? This doesn't strike me as that great of a deal.


It's really more for people looking to get both, I'd say. If you were looking to buy a new Xbox or something, this seems like the time to do it.


@straub: Well amazon has the system itself for around $300 with the kinect being $145, so it's a pretty good deal.


yeah, but i think they were cheaper at my local target.


Target sells them for about $150.


kinnect $149.99
250gb xbox $299.99
= $449.98
(current prices at target, walmart, etc)

this deal = $400 + get a $50 gift card.

so, save $50 + get a $50 gift credit + NO SALES TAX ($30-$32 in California) = $130 savings


@straub: Your right. It's not a good deal. Its a bad deal.

After they tell you it's a good deal and then start up-wooting each other for almost barely convincing THEMSELVES that it's a good're not supposed to notice anymore that its actually not a deal at all.


saving money in the form of a gift card is the new "mail-in rebate." you aren't saving any money at all because you have to spend it! and in most cases, you spend more than the amount on the gift card so that you can use up the balance. gift cards do NOT equal savings my friends, not a deal!


This ran a couple of months ago at Amazon and Newegg. $300 for a 4GB Xbox with Kinnect with a $100 Amazon card. Newegg had the same thing but I can't remember if they had a Newegg gift card or a plain VISA card. Those were good deals!


@sholling: I got this deal, it was $299 and a Newegg gift card. Also Target had about a month ago just sort of the same deal for two days in store only.Got both :)