dealssans digital 5-bay esata raid 0/1/10/5/jbod tower…


This is a pretty sweet deal. If you're just starting down the NAS route, though, I would recommend starting with a small full PC. HP makes some great microservers.

That way you're not limited down the road, because as a full PC it can just take more external enclosures if you wind up needing more bays.

Unless you're sane, of course, and won't ever need more than 6 bays. In that case this is awesome.


I use one of these to store copies of my DVD/Blu-Ray collection.

Keep in mind the speed performance isn't all that good, it's an eSATA port multiplier... If you throw 5 2 TB drives it will take about 48 hours to initialize all of them properly.

The management software has a few nice features too. Call-for-help, and even an alarm feature that squeals like hell if a drive fails, or the temp rises above a certain threshold.