dealswhere the wild things are: maurice sendak for $10…


Upvoted for memories of Sendak's wonderful work. Got this for $0.10 at a garage sale on Saturday and read it to my son for the first time.


Not really Christopher Walken, but This Video Always made me laugh.


One of the names I came up with for my future restaurant was Where The Wild Things Eat. He will be missed.


A wonderful book. It took on a whole new layer of meaning when my sister pointed out that the pictures take up more page space as the boy's imagination grows, and then shrinks back down as he comes down from his dreams of wild things and rumpuses.


RIP author of one of my fondest books as a kid


I cried a little today... 8,(


I somehow missed this book as a child. A couple years ago when the postal service had the stamps out a friend was appalled that I had not read the story. He brought me the book from his son's shelf the next day so I could fix this horrible mistake. It was a good story!


I want to keep upvoting this deal.