dealsacer iconia tab 7" w/ android 3.0 os 8gb (refurb…


I posted this about a month ago from them and i have never seen so many complants about a website people were saying that they were getting them broken and they are just receiving them now.



Paying through paypal ought to give you some buyer's protection in case the tablet turns out to be a brick. Can't be too careful when dealing with 1saleaday since they don't have the best customer service dept.


Be careful, these refurbs come from third-party vendors, not Acer themselves. My unit was once repaired by one third-party refurb shop, then later done by a separate one, and it took two weeks and an invoice from the reseller to prove who refurbed it last. It was a viscous cycle of passing the buck back and forth before I acquired the invoice.

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@l7d4n: Actually, mine was in an Acer brown box with Acer paperwork. I think you may be wrong here.


I bought this from 1Sale back in August -- just got it a few days ago (really slow shipping) and I love it -- a great little tablet!


Got mine from them the other day.....slow shipping, but I like the tablet. Power on and it updates to pics...


Or get it directly from acer for $139 which includes shipping but they will charge sales tax where applicable. Acer offers 14 day return and 90 day warranty.


I ordered this tablet on 8/10 at 1saleaday and the package arrived on 9/5. Apparently they are understaffed to read or respond to three emails. After two weeks, I asked for cancellation, but they shipped out a few days later despite the request. Was left in my mailbox by USPS, so could not even decline the package as seller asked. Been two days since I asked about returning the package, but no surprise, no reply.

Definitely not a good seller.

Played with this in Bestbuy, and the biggest gripe for me is the screen. Touch was a bit too sensitive, and screen washes out very bad, very bad viewing angle - just about the same quality as Dell Streak 7. Speed was not too bad though.


Also bought this from 1saleaday on their last go-round. Finally got it two days ago. Took them forever to ship, and their customer service is crap, unless you hunt them down by phone (800-419-0100, which took some digging to find) and Twitter (public shaming seemed to do the trick). Previous orders from them have had similar long delays and poor communication.

But I'm pretty happy with the tablet so far. Can't speak to battery life yet, and as noted above the screen is a little sensitive, but the only problems so far: Netflix kept freezing today (OK yesterday), and the wifi indicator keeps disappearing (but wifi is fine).

Also, this is the only tablet I've seen below $150 with a current-ish version of Android. This comes with 3.something, and upgrades to 4.0.3 as soon as you connect to wifi.

Acer's eBay store may be a better source, but the A100 is a good deal.


Just in case you're wondering you can get it here for 10$ more but its an official Acer referb store that I linked to directly from the ACER corporate site ::


Addition to my previous comment: The one I got last month from 1saleaday WAS refurbed by Acer — or at least it arrived in an Acer-branded brown box, just like @morriea.


I've bought from 1saleaday in the past,no real customer service (1 guy named "Joe" ) and the slowest shipping in the galaxy but I did get what I orderd eventually. I don't need this tablet but I would buy direct from Acer if I did. If you buy from 1saleaday and you have a CS question/problem, then boy do you have a problem.


Another + for arriving slowly, but in an Acer box. No probs w/ the unit at all.
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I bought this ACER Tablet in March from them. I was lucky and I received it 7 days after I ordered it. That shipping speed is lightening fast from them. I am very happy with the Acer, but I never expect fast shipping from 1saleaday. That said, 1 month is excessive even from them. The tablet is worth the wait though. Mine works perfectly, even though a refurb. It looked brand new, no marks or scratches. The upgrade to ICS was more cutting edge at that time and easy to do. I love the way I can hold the tablet with one hand, because I use it daily as an e-reader in the NYC subway system. Also I wanted to have external storage capability. Yes, the battery life is short, but usually lasts until I get home, so not a problem for me.


Just my $.02. I bought this from 1saleaday the last go round as well. Took a long time to get it, but if you're in a rush and need it fast, don't order from here. If you can handle the wait, it's fine. Tablet arrived in Acer packaging with Acer paperwork and in perfect condition. So far, and I use my for business as well as personal use, it works very nicely and so far I have no complaints. The system update happened immediately after turning it on. I received mine on 8/30 (a little over a week ago). I've been using it rather rigorously over the last week, as I don't always want to travel with my laptop. This is much easier to travel with and since I bought a micro HDMI-to-VGA signal converter for $16.99 on eBay, I can do presentations without issue. Customer service was fine for me. I did email first and then call to find out shipping status. Kristen in customer service was very helpful. Again, if you need it quicker, don't order from here. If not, then this is a good deal.


@bobgt89: quote: " website layout for 1saleaday..."

Looks nice! It's only their Main page though; Maybe Woot! should use a similar layout?


I, too, bought mine during the last 1saleaday offering. Took FOREVER to get to me. But customer service did answer my shipping concerns the same day that I asked.

Tablet came in Acer box with Acer papers. Was in perfect condition. Charged it up and it updated to ICS. No complaints here. Great little tablet.


I'll chime in here with pretty much the same experience. I was pleased with how fast I received my HP Touch and Toshiba Thrive from onesaleaday and even praised them on this and other sites. However, this Acer took slightly more than 3 weeks to arrive.

I did not receive it in any Acer packaging. I received the unit, charging cord, and USB cord. Zero paperwork or instructions.

Yes, it isn't rocket science to figure out, but as least something directing me to the Acer online User Manual would have been nice. I am still trying to find that and would appreciate one of the Iconia's owners posting that url here. Thank you


@sarisin: I had a bit of a problem finding a manual. Finally, I downloaded one from this site:

Hope it works for you.


Mine came in an Acer box, as noted above, but also without paperwork, so it looks like that's kinda hit or miss. I'm surprised you guys had a hard time finding the PDF manual. I just googled "Acer A100 manual" and found it right on the Acer site after a wee bit of digging.