dealswood grain interlocking anti-fatigue floor mats…


How do you get them straight edged like the photo? Detailed photo of one tile shows it has 'connector' sides on all 4 sides..


"...include detachable edge pieces so that each tile has the ability to be a center, corner, or border tile."


Anyone have experience with something like this? I'm wondering about using it under my desk as a chair mat. Seeing as they say you can use it as a yoga mat, I'm thinking this would be too soft?

Or is it "soft" like laminate wood flooring?


@glowrdr: Nope, it's soft like a mat. If you've ever seen the interlocking floor mats for exercise rooms they're like that. You can put a chair on them but it's not going to perform like a proper chair mat. They're foam all the way through with a printed on wood grain.


If you can live without the wood grain...
Cheaper at harbor freight if you have one near. In store only $9.99.


@iamalex: thanks i must have missed that part in the description... even though I swear I did read it :)