dealsfallout 2 pc download for $2.99 + free shipping


Darn I was just about to post this. Definitely a great deal - especially since I got the first one free from this same website a few weeks ago. I've never played any of the Fallout games until then and I am hooked!


The best game ever made for $3. I already own this game twice once in psychical form original copy and through Steam. But what the hell it is the best game ever and GoG is a awesome site. Buying it for a third time.

Oh and yes my name is indeed inspired by the Fallout series ever since the original.


Fallout fans who are also fans of the game Wasteland which preceded it: only 3 days left to back the Wasteland 2 game that will be coming out next year and is being developed by Brian Fargo (developer of Wasteland). The project has met its fundraising goal, so it'll basically be a pre-order.


I wish somebody would make a version of the first two for mobile devices like phones or tablets.