dealssave $20 off $40 purchase or $40 off $80 purchase


Have you bought from these guys? I can't find shipping costs on their page.

Edit: Ah, I found it. $8.75 flat rate shipping.

This is hilarious:

Planting and Care

How To Care for your Plants

CAUTION: Not all plant material is edible


@moondrake: Actually I listed the ship on my OP right above your head,er I mean your comment . Hey don't worry, we all have those days.
Yes, I have ordered before. I will order again as soon as i can get my act together and figure out what I'm going to put in the beds this year.


I've been gardening for 17 years now and had ordered from them years ago, but if they offered me my order for free, I'd pass. Buyer beware.

Michigan Bulb reviews: