dealspick two magazine subscriptions for $9.98


Everyone votes down. Can we get an explanation at least?


Agreed. Do folks feel that magazines are destroying a literate society with all those pictures? Is it that print is dead? Or is discount mags unreliable? Dish, people!


Maybe it's the selection of 9 crappy magazines. (IMO)


My guess as to the negative votes is the "limited" number of choices and that you have to select two 1-year subscriptions and not a 2-year subscription.


Downvoting it just because they're not magazines that you would read is not just stupid, it is petty. These magazines usually go for $3-6 an issue, you're getting two for a whole year, for the price of what a month and a half of ONE would cost. Idjits.


I've ordered from discountmags and have never had a problem. One time a publisher (Rolling Stone) was a little late with adding a renewal to my account, but it wasn't the site's fault and site support was pretty helpful regardless.


Its not two issues... it is two subscriptions. Thats a few more than two.

However...these take FOREVER to start receiving them. I've done this quite a bit in the past and keep forgetting that I have to hit the grocery store for a few months to pick up the magazine until they start arriving. Has to do with them printing them a deal in advance and already having the mags stamped for delivery.


@silentlegend: The company is decent, but these are the same magazines that show up on every website that offers discount magazines. Everyone who reads Men's Fitness, for example, and reads will see a similar offer twice a month and is probably already sitting on a 5 year subscription. So it's not a bad deal, per se, it's just nothing new. There's no deeper discount and we wooters are hard to please, only upvoting something if it's being sold for cheaper than the last deal.


I think people often vote things down as an indication that it's not the kind of sponsored woot deal that they want to see. They're telling woot!, "we're not interested in paper magazines, what other sponsored deals you got?" You notice anytime something firearm related pops up, it gets lots of upvotes. Because it's the kind of thing they want to see on the site.

That's in addition to downvoting bad products, poor deals, or public deals that are not for wooters only.


@angerbender: I up-voted your post because you said "firearm".


@angerbender: I sensed someone using the word "firearms" and got here as quickly as I could. I am disappointed to see it was a false alarm.

All kidding aside, it's not a bad deal, folks. Just because you don't like the magazines doesn't make it a bad deal.


@kamnet: I'm not sure if you're trolling here, but what they mean by "two magazines for $9.98" is that you get a year's subscription to both magazines for the ten dollar price.

So each magazine's yearly subscription is only $4.99. That's a pretty good deal.


At checkout you get the option to buy up to 3 years, at the same $5/year/magazine. On past deals it's been a little slow to receive the first issue, but I've had that even subscribing to a magazine directly through the publisher.


I'm beginning to suspect that a lot of people just automatically downvote the last sponsored deal on the list. I also suspect that a lot of people vote whatever it appears that the trend is, perhaps to improve their rep. Sad. Just because you don't want any of the magazines offered doesn't mean it's not a good deal, and I always thought that this is what DW is about.


These are magazines you can get for free (or sometimes for $1.99 for a year) if you keep an eye out for the deals to be posted. Therefore, the downvotes seem appropriate.


@blgauthier: The deals are sorted by votes. So if a deal is voted down, it will go down. So if there is only one sub-zero deal, then it will, by definition, be at the bottom. If the second-to-last deal is sub-zero, then it's guaranteed that the last deal is even worse. So 'downvoting the last deal regardless of what it is' does nothing.


It is because these magazines are just the same re-hash eternally repeating.... i.e: Did you know that chocolate causes osteo-caner-itis> new study supports the claim....... next issue: Did you know that chocolate causes amazing sex-craving bazingas in your body?......

Wait, NEW: *Sexy Body issue* :-
For you ladies to get jealous over, and the men to lust over.

jeez...same old BS. THAT is why


@birdie85: No, not trolling, but after I re-read my comments, possibly not clear. I meant what you just reiterated. You're getting a whole year of issues of two magazines what you would normally pay for just a month or so of each.


Its deceptive. You are auto renewed (without notice) auto billed for renewal after each subscription runs out. At full price. And its very hard to stop the billing.


@harpo: I've never had that happen with this company, ever. I've always received at least two months notice before my subscription runs out, and the renewal price, while not always the same as what I was paying, is significantly cheaper (40-70%) less than the full retail price.