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Dangit... I just bought these last night when they were six-something. Gah... Good deal, all the same.


These look quite useful. Worst thing about cable ties is that they are one time use, this seems like a great improvement. In for one.

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Bought a pack of these earlier today after seeing the price drop. Can't go wrong with Velcro.


@robio 100pack vs 5pack. Not the same value.


I had a roll of these. They are much thinner than what you would normally expect for a velcro tie wrap. They work good.


As a network engineer, I use these constantly when doing new build-outs, reroutes, or just to hold all my spare pens together. Definitely in for a pack or three of these.

One of the best parts about them is that if they're too short, you can just slip another one through the retainer-hole. Repeat until they go around whatever you wanted to fasten in place.

Also cheap enough to just staple/nail/screw into a wall, instead of messing around with those plastic ziptie mounting-points. If you're worried about load-bearing, just add a washer to your screw. Will last for years and years.

Down side, don't use these for any main cable bundles that you DON'T want touched/mucked with; because they can be undone with no ill effects, someone WILL mess with them just to see what'll happen, or to try to move a port by moving the cable just a few inches, and screw up your dressing.