dealsdurex love condom - free sample per order


You pay for shipping, but overall, these are not bad deals!


I bought from this company last deal. I placed order on the 5th and got item on the 13th. I did just the standard shipping. Customer support always returned emails within 24 hours as I had two questions. It was a good experience and will buy from again.


+1, ordered last time also. First class company to deal with, fast shipping, absolutely no complaints.....


Thank god for the fitted shape. I hate condoms that have lots of angles and sharp edges!


I prefer shards of glass in mine.

(It hurts just to type that...)


The fact that they sell these in a pack of 100 makes me feel (mod edit: profanity) about my love life. Well I guess the 10 pack does the same thing.


ten free condoms, just good for a night... well, it's a sample!! :)
In for a hundred!!!!


I keep a box of these (Durex Love) on hand for times when the pill is ineffective for my girlfriend (antibiotics, forgetfulness,etc) and while we much prefer sex without these condoms are very good for the price. Unlike some fancier condoms you have to seek out from online-stores or sex shops you can find these all over. I got my box from Kroger's and I've seen them at other "normal" locations as well. A free sample is a great deal on some nice condoms.


my first child's name is durex......broken durex


@brossow: Best fathers day ad. Thanks Durex!


This would be great if it they offered the larger size for 'free' too. Hubby and I are always looking for new ones to try. Disappointed with this offer but for a good reason. ; )


"Great for young lover."- From Item Description.

I find this a bit disturbing....


Darn, they don't have equestrian sizes. I guess I'm all out of luck.


@amich45: 100 go faster than you'd think. Definitely recommend this website though - never had a problem after a few years of shopping with them.