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I think it has been $29.99 for a while... sister got me one for X-Mas to play and as an extra DVD player for the basement. Games were on sale for PS2 buy 2 get 2 free but I think it expired on Sunday (plus a lot of stores have shipped their PS2 games back to corporate). Deal is still worth an upvote!


The PS2 is still a great system. The games are getting too old to find nowadays (though a local game store that does a lot of sell backs will probably have a ton of great titles still). I love having mine for those Katamari Damancy cravings.


wow i remember paying 300 for mine shows you how fast things become obselete


Still the best system ever IMO. There are a lot of great SNES and PS1 games but there's an absolute boatload for PS2. I'm still finding great games for PS2 that I've never played. I only actually own a few PS3 games as I've been trying to play so many great PS2 games (still have like 12 sitting next to my TV...).


@source7769: I paid $200 for mine 8 years ago and a new one is still $100...that's not exactly the fast track to being obsolescence.


while you're at it pick up a n64 too.


@joshuarshultz: There is always time for a good round of Smash Bros or Goldeneye.


@source7769: I can't believe it was just 40 years ago that cassettes replaced records! And these COLOR TVs! My 8" black-and-white one is obsolete already?!


Wow, 30 bucks for a PS2, where was this deal 10 YEARS AGO!!!!



The cool thing about the fat PS2 models is you can add a HD to it and use HDAdvance to store and play all your games off the HD instead of changing game discs. That's how I have mine set up so my kids don't destroy the actual games. All the games are on the HD and all the game discs are locked away safe and secure. Plus the load time is much faster.


so funny fred wallace how about cds are obselete now


@fredwallace18: Cassettes replaced records about 30 years ago. CDs replaced Cassettes about 20 years ago.

Records are experiencing a resurgence that last year they sold at a rate equal to the late 80s.

I'm 36 and have owned records, 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs, MP3s and records again.