dealsiphone 5 aluminum bumper case for $5.99 + freeā€¦


This is a great deal!

This case is a replica of an expensive $100 Vapor case. It is very sleek and I got many compliments from various people on how nice it looks.

However, be warned that these aluminum cases drastically reduce your signal. I don't have an iPhone 5 but on my 4 I drops my signal strength about 2 bars on average. I kept missing calls and text messages would fail to send occasionally.

Needless to say, it is now sitting in my closet.


I something similar on my iPhone 4 (Chinese Def Cleave knockoff), and it interfered badly with my signal. For about a year, it would drop about every other call and I'd get between zero and one bar in my house. For the longest time I wondered what was wrong with my phone. On the plus side, I dropped my phone on concrete once from about 3 feet and this bumper prevented any damage... and it looks pretty cool too. If they made a plastic one, I'd be all over it.



Thats what I switched too. It's a composite where only a side section is pure aluminum. It still looks really sharp without the signal loss


"iPhone not included" really kills it for me.