dealsoctopus 4 port usb hub for $3.99 + free shipping


Finally a USB hub that matches my computer.


Shouldn't it be a quadrapus?


Does it come in Cthulu green?


interesting that they are selling hardware on a site called ''nothing but software''


can anyone vouch that this hub has enough power for the four ports?

I had a USB hub that could only power 2 devices due to no external power source other than the USB input.


@schmittm: i doubt it can charge more than 2 devices since it doesn't have the external power source. but you can connect 4 devices and use them such as a thumb drive, keyboard, mouse, printer. but as far as charging your ipod and other items that need an electrical charge, you'd need something that draws more power than 1 usb hole can give
there are several powered USB hubs on ebay for a good price, less than $10 with free shipping