dealsmicrosoft surface 32 gb refurbished for $199.00…


this was a better deal last time when they offered the typepad/cover for $40. That being said, when I received mine, it was as brand new. Great unit tho I'm still figuring out a use for it.


Although the price is fair, keep in mind this is the older model (the Surface I so to speak).

The newer Surface 2 has a faster processor, much higher 1080p screen resolution, 30% longer battery life, faster USB 3.0, higher resolution cameras, and is slightly lighter than the original Surface.

Make this purchase as an informed consumer, knowing that you're getting refurbished, closeout technology.


@ruouttaurmind: while those Surface 2 spec highlights do make for a nicer device, the Surface 2 is more than twice as expensive as this Surface deal.

We have an original Surface and like it very much, but there is no way we would have paid more than twice as much as the $179 (including touch cover) we paid for our new condition Surface, even with the improved specs of the Surface 2.

Windows RT on the Surface is an fine way to get an inexpensive but really well-made (no plastic) tablet that includes Microsoft Office, but at $450 for the Surface 2 (or $300/whatever for a refurb), we'd be looking at other devices.


Normally see this deal posted via a third party eBay store, this time it is Microsoft's eBay store. (New Aug 2013, 973 reviews, 99% vs. 98.7% for the other guys.)


@bluemaple: agreed. I got mine very quickly and it was already upgraded to Win8.1

I mentioned this before, but there is sometimes an issue with the keyboard no longer working. It happened to me after a bunch of updates. I did a restore that solved it and it's run perfect since.