dealslast-minute gift sale: magazines starting at $3.99


Remember, for those of you who want ESPN Insider, you can get 4 years for $20 with the magazine thrown in as a bonus. I re-upped on Reader's Digest and ESPN the Magazine. If I had time, I'd get the Games World of Puzzles magazine, too.


Has anybody ever ordered magazines from this site?
I'm wondering if there are any problems, especially if you order multiple years. I did that once--ordered and paid for Games magazine for 3 years and only got it for one year and with all the back & forth trying to prove I paid for 3 years but had stopped getting it after 1 year I just got so tired of it I just dropped it and cut my loses.

I've been getting Reader's Digest for $10 a year and thought that was a good deal. If it's hassle free, I'll re-up for 4 and also for 2 of the people I get it for as gifts and I want theWorld of Puzzles too.
Might even get Rolling Stone.


GAMES Magaizine's fulfilment process is antiquated--I know a number of people in addition to myself who had paid for mulitpple years but the subscription stopped after one year and GAMES claimed they didn't know anything about it and declined to do anthing about it.

I've ordered from DISCOUNT Mags before and it was satisfactory. One good thing is no auto renewal.

The posters who have corectly pointed out the the ESPN: The Magazine is a particuilarly good deal are right....I've extended my subsccription tonight for two additional years. But one must ask the question will they (or other mags) really be publishing hard copy in 5 years rather than being all digital content available to anyone for free?


I hope we always have printed magazinees and books!
I like doing crossword puzzles and doing them digitally just isn't the same as having the satisfaction of completing one in ink and have it still be legible : )

As for books, to me, just holding a hardcover book is part of the pleasure of reading. I seldom re-read books, but for years I still couldn't bring myself to part with them. I can 'rehome' them now, but I still have no interest whatsoever in having an e-reader of any kind.
(One of my all-time favorite books that I actually do re-read every 5 years or so is "The Day Of The Jackal")


@donslin: I have ordered several multi-year subscriptions from Discount Mags and have had no problems whatsoever. You can even use them for renewals.

Funny thing is, I posted this exact same sale here yesterday because they sent me an email about it (and I renewed a magazine for 4 years).


@mechanicsc & smartheart,
Thanks a bunch for the reassurance--especially about the multi-year deals.
I'm gonna go place a couple of orders right now : )


@whatsamattau: How do you get the ESPN Insider for 20? I got four years on the magazine and didnt see anything about insider.


@mechanicsc: As did I. Mine barely got any votes, and then I saw yours that had just a few more, so I deleted mine. Oh well (:


@atravis6: & mechanicsc

I know I did not see your posts yesterday or I would definitely have asked about the company just as I did today.
I know your feelings are hurt and I don't blame you; mine would be too under similar circumstances.
Sometimes I either don't think to check here more than once a day or am just not online very much through the course of a day so it must be because you posted them after i checked in because I always look at every post. I may not click on it to see details, but I always look to see what the deal is.
Please don't take it personally because I, for one, have no reason to comment or not on any post based on who the poster is and I'm sure there aren't many, if any, that would.
Sorry you both got passed over : (


@jasonschneider: To clarify, it's really maximum 4 years of the magazine for $20 with the Insider subscription coming free with the magazine order ($4.99/year). ESPN send you a code (on the address label) with the magazine subscription that you use to sign up for the ESPN Insider access.