dealsasus vs series vs247h-p 23.6" led widescreen lcd…


Amazon has these as well for 139.99 + 20$ mail in rebate. Sold out right now, but may be worth noting if you, like me, live in a state where Newegg charges tax.


well if amazon remains sold out surely newegg is a great alternative as sales tax is probably not much


I have this monitor (And just ordered a 2nd) and will say it's great.


I've had this monitor since 2009 and vouch for its quality. I bought mine for $190 at the time, so this seems like a great deal to me. If I hadn't been given a 2nd monitor as a gift I think it'd likely that I purchase this w/ the current deal.....HOWEVER, (basically) the same deal is available for the 24" model here after the mail-in rebate: Soooo, if you want to pay the additional $20 you can get half an inch more, no pun :-p