dealsmodern warfare 3 multiplayer quick reference…


If you need a guide to letting auto aim do all the work then you just need to stop playing


Awesome find, thank you for sharing the deal.


Uhhhhhh there is no auto aim in multilayer....


Very quick read. Most of the stuff it talks about is common sense. I like the idea just not enough useful info. Of course you cannot beat the price. So for the price it is not bad


Since it was free, I downloaded it. It is 3 pages (4 if you count the cover). You get what you pay for (not a good deal if you consider your time downloading this).

The author, Modern Pwnage, basically describes his playing style. The writing style reflects that of a gamer and not an author, and the format is rather haphazard.


Picked one up and read it on Cloud Reader.

Just opinions on best guns to use and common sense "strategy." The bulk centers on this advice: complete challenges.

Still too expensive, imo.


@bubbawoot: Yes there is. It doesn't work as hard as the one in single player, but it does a good chunk of the work. That's how these people "no scope". It's auto aim doing the work, they just pull the trigger.
It can be turned off in the options.