dealshealth & fitness mags – starting at $3.50/year


Why wont print just die already?


Mag List is:

Shape - $3.50
Weight Watchers - $4.50
Men's Fitness - $3.99
Whole Living - $3.99
Muscle & Fitness - $3.99
Natural Health - $3.99


@justafreak: Because some of us still prefer it, and if you happen to leave it on the bus you're not out much!


The added OK! - 1-Year for $14.99, 2-Years $24.99, 3-Years for $29.99


Funny how a lot of fitness stuff gets mass down voted.


@prettywootprincess: I haven't heard great things about that magazine. I guess I haven't heard anything bad about it either though. Kind of on the border, so-so, mediocre, etc... Am I funny yet?


@justafreak: Because many people still enjoy reading something printed. Plus... do you have any idea how many people make a (QUALITY) livelihood working in printing?


@epj3: You should have just stopped at " people still enjoy reading something printed." Keeping an industry alive just to keep people employed is a bit artificial and not really that great of an argument.


Considering the up/down voting should be in regards to the quality of the deal itself, I can't quite figure out why people down vote this. Any magazine subscription under $5/yr is a good deal in my book. In for two of them and an up vote!


@bigelowb: There are at least 59 people who would disagree with you it seems.