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Its not a bad price, but its the 1.0 version, would be an excellent price for the 2.0 version,


Gotta be careful with these things -- last week some guy's copter fell on his head and scalped and killed him.


now we can spy like the government?


@magic cave: no - theres a difference between a toy quad copter and a real quad copter - these things albeit do hurt when the blade hits you - but no more than your desk fan does a bit different then being hit by spinning metal


@morty346: I should have added a smiley face to my attempted humor.


I've had this version for a couple years. It has two cameras, a low-res facing forward, and a high-res facing down, or the other way around, I forget which. It's pretty cool, pretty fast. I've had the propeller(s) hit my fingers when running full speed (the prop, not my fingers) and although it hurts, it does no permanent injury. If it hit your cornea, yes, that would be a permanent injury. I fly mine with my HTC Droid DNA (a smart phone), but you can fly it with an iPhone, should you wake up one day and find yourself in a cult.


Coupon Code OFFERSCOM (or JD2K1, not both :( )for another $5 off. And, it runs Linux!