dealsflying pig - cool gift from cool stuff express…


shipping is 6.90 usps priority so total is 14.89


To those of you who have gotten this far, notice the button at the bottom of the page on . No, not the red one, the dark grey one on the right side. That's right the arrow pointing to your right. There is the opportunity to find maybe the bargain of your dreams in earlier postings. There are lot of deals hidden behind that button. Take a chance or really an opportunity. Also, if you will notice, below the COMMUNITY DEALS line to you right there are a couple of buttons or more, Popular and Fresh. The Popular button displays those items that the visitors felt were the most significant deals offered.


to those of you... Thank you for that nice comment.


@rageofangels: Bring it on. You are not at all as anonymous as you may think.


Before anyone gets too confused, the picture for the deal didn't come up with the flying pig. Guess @hobbit was in a hurry... It amazes me to see that they're still around, more than ten years after I got one from a Secret Santa at work who apparently knew the right gift.

It's great as a cat toy (although it might scare some cats), and is excellent to hang in from the ceiling in your office to liven up those boring meetings with your manager.