dealsfree pie for $0.00


Of course it would be helpful if the headline told us WHERE.


With Any Purchase. That isn't $0.


@gig103: Did you really think you could just walk in and get free pie without ordering anything else? A little common sense goes a long way.


@carlosarnold: Why not? we've seen no-strings-attached freebies before. It's a way of promoting your business. We don't pay for samples that companies, like Target, send in the mail. If you've never had LJS before, wouldn't that entice new customers to at least come try it? That said, if you already eat there, then this is just a bonus for you.


They don't just give it out without a purchase because it would be really stupid to do so (since you could print unlimited coupons). If that were the case, the same person could go into the same store on different days--or even different stores on the same day if they have multiple stores in their area--and get a free pie each time. If companies like Target are sending you shit in the mail, you get the shit in the mail so you're only getting one of whatever they're sending you.

Really though, how in the world would a pie entice someone to try the food at a fish'n'chips shop? I didn't even know they had pie.


Deal is DEAD EXPIRED 3/21/2013