dealselectric salt & pepper mill with light for $6.24


an LED-lit dinner? whats next, an Electric Light Orchestra?


I'd rather have some salt and pepper shakers that look like hamburgers. Wait a minute!


These actually look pretty cool, but I don't know if I could bring myself to buy something from that site... The name weirds me out.

My aunt has some very similar-looking ones, though (I think Orka brand), and loves them.


I purchased a mystery box from them and it was actually pretty cool. Some things I didn't need but they were fun and one of the best that I have gotten so far. I believe the deal with these guys if I didn't like the mystery box then I could return it and they would pay the shipping so there was nothing to lose.

Would definitely buy from them again.


It also looks like a woot deal - only good for one day.


This would make an awesome band name. I'm definitely going to the first ES&PM concert.


@kylieziegler: even though the name is weird, I've ordered from them before and had a great experience. I got a Belkin iPhone car charger. It's low profile, which is perfect for the accessory port in my armrest compartment. Everything was great quality, and it charges my phone noticeably quicker than the knockoff stuff from other vendors. I wish they carried more stock so I could go back and order more as gifts!