dealsshaun of the dead/hot fuzz - 2 pack - blu-ray…


I'm looking forward to the new movie.


If they have this available at your local store you can get this for $4.99 by taking in any used DVD (as long as it's not a DVD-R) and they'll trade you for a coupon for $5 off any blu-ray $9.99 or more.

Yesterday I picked up blu-rays of Taxi Driver for $4.99 and Raging Bull/Rocky/Usual Suspects triple feature for $9.99. I think up to 5 DVDs/coupons per visit.


This is also on Amazon for 9.99


@thericochet: is this best buy doing this? any best buy? is there a list of movies for the trade up? i have been thinking about doing the WB trade up because i have no cases for my DVD's.