dealsglock back pack for $16.95


I just wanted to point out that these guys have not jacked up their prices (like CTD). They may not have everything in stock, but they are not gouging people.


26.95 at Amazon

Here are the details:
GLTG42001 The TEAM Glock Backpack is a must for the Glock enthusiast. It is silver and black with a standard capacity. The bag is consructed of 600D polyester coated material and features two side bottle pockets and multifunctional stationary storage in front compartment. It also features a molded music headphone port. It measures 13" X 9. " X 16" (33x24x40cm). eCop! Thanks you. MFG MPN: TG42001 MPN: GLTG42001

So basically, you buying a backpack with Gun Company's name on it


reviews from around the net, say this is this TERRIBLE QUALITY. nothing like regular Glock products. What isnt falling apart when you get it, will be soon (e.g. zipper & seams)


I'd like more (some, any) details and pictures of different views on the website. Interior, pockets, closeups. These are all important to me since I can't physically touch the item in question. I'm not going to buy something with no information besides a name and a price.


@gregchico: It isn't 'price gouging', it's supply & demand.
Demand for these backpacks have gone up 3 times the normal amount.


@maldito: You point is correct.
CTD supply vs demand reaction is why I do not order from them anymore....


I am a bit of a shooter of paper targets.My friends at the range used to make fun of any people with NRA or pro 2nd amendment bumper stickers,the called them "please break into my car and steal my gun" markers.

I think the same could very well be said for this "branding" on a bag. It just screams steal me!

My stepfather was a professional photographer he always carried a expensive large format camera behind his car seat.It look ugly and stained,he also had a pair of dirty undies/tee shirt hanging out. It did not look like it had a Bronica camera with flash inside.



AVOID THIS COMPANY! Their customer service is awful. Ordered some items.... after 14 days of no action on the order, I told them I was cancelling it. They suddenly they sent a generic shipping notification email. They will not answer their phone calls or emails. (But they will take your money right away with no problem). I already ordered the same items for much less from a better company with great customer service.


@gregchico: They claim to not raise their prices, but they are just ordering their stock from other places that are also not raising prices. There are better deals available. Don't let their flat rate shipping fool you. It's not great if you overpay and have to wait a month for it.

A good starting point is actually Sportsmans Guide. Even without their membership, their prices are pretty good for the same stuff.


I use Sportman's Guide and have had some good experiences with them - the only gripe I have heard from people is that their used merchandise is crappy, I don't order any used items so it has never affected me. I also use Bud's with good success. I try to keep things with those two companies as much as possible.