dealspop-tarts, frosted brown sugar cinnamon 12-count…


This is the best pop tart!


The free shipping cost $15.17 . NO DEAL .


Free with amazon prime, which is misleading since a lot of people don't have it. And no it's not the best pop tart, apple cinnamon is the best.


@kevstrucks: I got free super saver shipping. Not sure why you were charged shipping...


@kevstrucks: Or I am pretty sure it is free shipping (and cheaper) with subscribe and save....

I assume that since you are willing to buy a gross of pop-tarts that you like them enough to have that gross delivered regularly.... (and if you decide there were too many for the timeframe you chose... you can just change the timeframe again or cancel the "subscription" altogehter.


@techieman33: Shipping is free with or without Prime. This item qualifies for free Super Saver Shipping.

And everybody knows that the best Pop Tart is the elusive unfrosted Blueberry:


What is the shelf life of a pop-tart?