dealsjo-ann fabric - 40% off one regular price item…


FYI There is usually a 40% off coupon on the back of the flyer that is near their front entrance. I always check there first when I need something from Joann.


The Jo-Ann mobile app always has at least one or two 40% and 50% coupons that can be scanned at the register.


These things are really quite pointless... normally the items you want to buy are on sale for a very small amount such that you can't use the 40% coupon because the only honor it on regular priced merchandise... I've even ask them to charge me the regular price and then I'll use the 40% coupon... they wont do it.


What I think is great about these coupons is the fact that the competitors accept them (at least where I live they do). So if there's something you want at Michaels or AC Moore, you can print these out and use them there too.