dealsfree phone + 250 free voice minutes every month…


This deal has been re-posted (with permission from @thefenst). It is now available in 7 more states than the post from 6 months ago.


So all i have to do to get a free phone is quit my job?? Im in for 2!


@emilejr88: Actually, you can only be in for one. And it's not that you don't have any income, it's that your income is below a certain percentage.

Also, this service has been available for many, many years for land lines. And you can't utilize it for both a land line and a mobile phone.


People that need this phone, don't know about woot. Or they wouldn't be poor... Wait, I just bought another bacon shirt... Wait a minute...


@cnuskins: I think you mean people need this phone because they know about woot. (Having spent all of their spending money on woot stuff.)

Actually, it's beneficial to pass on to family members, neighbors, friends, etc.


@cnuskins: Just because someone knows about Woot does not mean that they are buying from it... Maybe they are using Deals.Woot to learn about deals that will save them money. Like the recent Jimmy Johns $1 sandwich deal in the Detroit area. That would save anyone money!


@tavisjohn: My sub was really good, by the way.