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Totally upvoted for your yesireallyamthislazy tag. Most def LOLed. :)


They forgot to mention the thorough rummaging around of your private stuff


@bknabl: "Here's your computer back, Mr. Smith...though I can't say I agree with your taste in, er...'entertainment' "


"Here's you laptop back. We where even able to make it run quieter. We disabled (broke) you cpu fan. No more annoying wine."


It's simply a way to try to upsale you Ram, a bigger Hard Drive, Virus removal, etc. The tool they use is a very simple one that defragments the hard drive, does a quick virus scan, and checks the amount of ram, hard drive free space, etc. Not very effective for an actual tune up, but a very effective marketing tool.


Totally horrible used to work for them the tune up does nothing but give them a chance to sell you a new pc or accessories, i quit because of the the business practice


Currently an Easy Tech associate and it's not as pointless as it previously was -- this is the tune up PLUS, guys.

In addition to a virus scan, defrag, and registry/temp files cleaning we disable many useless startup items and services. It's a noticeable difference for most PCs and you don't have to worry about which ones effect your every day usage. We just know this stuff.

Yeah, we recommend a RAM upgrade for some and for others a better AV (Kaspersky, anyone?), and we'll even recommend you upgrade to Windows 7 if your PC is up to it. We don't force it on you. Sure, we're a business and want your money, but we also want to make you happy in the process. At least, that's how we do it in store #344 in Winter Haven, FL. :)

Don't be surprised if the store you go to doesn't like your free AVG/Avast.

EDIT: Staples is in no way responsible for my post. I'm off the clock. Also, we don't rummage through your files at all unless we do a backup for you, which is extra. Company policy.


@romerofamily: That's a common practice in retail called up-selling. How else do you expect a company to profit when they are giving away something for free? It's no different than someone asking if you'd like a large order at a burger joint