dealsogio helios stand golf bag for $49.99 + $5.00…


Bought this bag from Sellout Woot March 2nd, and I love it. Same price then as it is now..


My last three golf bags have all been Ogio (two are still in use by the wife and me, the other was given to my brother-in-law). Very high quality with innovative design elements. They OEM for many of the big name golf companies. So with Ogio, you're getting the same bag minus the big brand price.


I own 3 pcs of thier luggage, it's well made and takes a beating when traveling. My son needs a new golf bag and he's getting this one!


I love my Ogio bag. Not this exact model, but in general their products are well-made and extremely comfortable, even with a bag full of clubs and balls


I have to agree with what others have said. I have an OGIO Kingpin golf bag and absolutely love it. It's a cart bag and not a stand, so I'm pulling the trigger on this one. Can't go wrong here.