dealswhat an item - mystery box for $10.00


expect 3 items you can get at a dollar store


Who would pay money for this?


@rileyper: I agree 100%. I have ordered them in the past and all you get is about $3.00 worth of stuff at the dollar store.



I'd be weary enough they may send me "came"



I have never ordered on of these so did not know what to expect. Thanks for the feedback.


I asked about mystery bags of crap from sites other than Woot! in the discussion thread about this year's Santa's Sack O' Crap.

The almost universal response was that the non-Woot! bags of crap really are consistently crap, without even the occasional gold nugget buried in the manure. Not worth the money.

Too bad, though. I suppose its pretty obvious just from observing that the other sites bags remain available for most of the day, compared with the instant sell-out of the Woot! BOC. No return customers.


Woot's bags of crap are rewards for customers from a site that makes good money on other products. These other sites trying to do just the random bags are trying to make money on them so don't expect anything worth more than $3.00 total.


I spent like $23 on the mystery item on - I received for my $23:
A USB mug warmer
A 1/8" headphone splitter
Cheapass noname earbuds
A car power adapter splitter (plugs into power adapter, gives 2 ports)
A car power adapter for some media player I've never heard of
And a 'key' that is a mini multitool.

Purchased in the dollar store: $6. Purchased from Yugster: $23

I posted on their forums about it and got blasted for being a Woot fanboi. Apparently the fans of yugster think thats a good deal. Yeah, I wont be buying BoC's from anywhere but woot anymore. That being said, my last BoC from Woot had a sansa media player, another mp3 player, and tons of other cool stuff.


I was with my friend when he opened his Woot $1 box. He got a Carrot bandolier Tshirt, a blue sparkly gym bag (cheaply made), some sort of fancy universal remote, a roll of sushi packing tape and some other odds and ends. He sold the remote for $75 on ebay.