dealssandisk 32gb microsdhc class 4 memory card…


Title says $14.65, everything after that says $20.59. I don't want one for $20.59, I want one for $14.65.


@halifax: Please note the lack of free shipping.

I want a 32GB card for $14.65 shipped to my door, too. We'll both have to wait a bit longer for that deal...


@drjing: First you got some nerve not posting the shipping cost and came out to point it out after someone else complained. Second, $20 for 32GB is not much of a deal, given that better deals pop out ever so frequently these days.


@liu208: Sorry. I didn't think that math was that difficult, but I'll make sure to post the shipping costs from now on for you. As for the cost, ~$20 for a Sandisk (not a no-name) Class 4 card is a good deal, in my opinion. Interesting, too, that you've down-voted a lot of card deals, but have not added an alternative deal (or ANY deal, for that matter). Something smells funny.

Carry on...


@drjing: What you just wrote made sense. It just doesn't make sense to a troll who chooses to block out all logic for the sake of their own argument. Love the whiners who post nothing and want someone else to do the work. 20 bucks for a 32 Sandisk card is a good deal.


Seen 64gb USB drives for $24 and some change around here somewhere.... Just sayin'. :)


@danbooke2001: Wish they were Micro SD's though