dealschilly towel (2-pack) keeps your cool all day…


Just got a four pack of these off Woot. They are cool, but clammy to the touch when you wrap one around your neck.
Think of a chamois for drying off your car, and you'd be pretty close. In fact, I did use one to dry off my car when I washed it today. It worked great.


In the body of their ad it says "Get one set for $9.99". Wondering why it then comes up as $12.99. That plus $4.27 shipping killls the deal for me.


@johnfbeas: I just sent a customer-service email to the company, and perhaps @prettywootprincess is around somewhere and can clarify the issue. I've bought a number of items from this company (including this very item) and have found them to be honest in their descriptions and responsive to questions about their merchandise.


@magic cave: @johnfbeas: Sorry about the confusion! The page had an error at the bottom and was displaying purchase information for 1 Chilly Towel which has a normal price of $9.99 on our site. It's been fixed now, and you can still order from us at the $12.99 for 2 towels.