dealsbuy one get one free, pistol-grip crossbow


For when one is just not enough.


@mybestuser1: Well you know its unfair to have a crossbow fight and you have the only crossbow...


I bought one of these a while back, it broke with the first bolt i fired. It sent pieces flying at very high velocity.


Expired deal, or what? There's no mention on the BudK page of "buy one, get one free".


While it may not say it on the page, if you click to add to your cart, a second one appears with the heading "Free Gift".


@mrichard629: That's why you need two. But seriously I have one and it works but the pain is having to replace the string all the time because it wears out quickly.


@mrichard629: I bought two of these a couple years ago. You need to reset the string retractor (shiney metal bar that plls the string back into position). If you don't reset the retractor, it will fling that metal bar forward and shatter the plastic. I know because i figured it out the hard way like you did. This is also the reason I bought two. ;)


I have owned one of these years back and it was just garbage in general, fun for a few shots but tended to un-string itself and shattered after the 1st day.