dealssyma r/c helicopter for $19.20 + plus shipping


Those must be seconds or have really poor quality control cause a lot of them were DOA.


I just bought one of this and it arrived about a week ago. It worked beautifully - unlike my old RC heli I could actually fly it. Well, sort of - it eventually took a hard crash and now I'm waiting on parts ;) But it was my fault, not the heli's.

I highly recommend.


Bought three of these for Christmas last year (had to buy a fourth the day after for my husband!). It seems we buy helicopters every year (one year it was the one that were supposed to shoot lasers at each otehr--didn't work). These are AWESOME!! A year later they still get played with. Only one that is not working (had a run in with the cat. Thinking I may get one more. Only down side is only 2 can be flying in the same room (only two channels). Very easy to fly because of the gyro.


@stevec5000: Not in my experience. I own 4 of the S107G, have sent 3-4 of them as gifts, and own 3-4 various other Syma models. All bought from this and one other seller on Amazon. None defective or with problems.


These are $19.99 every day...or at least they have been for the past several weeks/months.

You can't fly these outside or in bright sunlight. (They're IR) I was actually planning on getting one until I learned that..

I've been looking at getting a new one and personally I'd say spend the extra $10 bucks to get an outdoor/RF heli.

This is the one I've been thinking about..


@drchops: S032 is a nice heli, have one myself. It's only marginally good for outdoors, though. It's not -that- much bigger than the minis and definitely not that much heavier. It's really just about a 1.5x size of the S107 with R/C instead of IR. ANY (and i mean ANY) air movement and you're DOA to fly it outside. We mostly use the 032 for indoors these days. On the flip side, it IS small enough to fly indoors in a reasonable sized (e.g. big living room) space.

If you want reasonable outdoor capability, S023g is a much more viable outdoor heli, though granted at ~$50 it's more than '$10 extra'. Significantly larger and heavier than the minis. Definitely NOT something I'd fly inside unless I had access to a gym-sized space.

As to the S107, I haven't found 'em regularly for $19.99 - but admittedly they're regularly available in the low $20-something range. I put this up more as an alternate to that sponsored deal posted today rather than an earth-shattering deal in its own right.


@kcjones99: Good to know - I've been pricing upper-lower class heli's for awhile, but I don't know a lot about 'em.

It's funny you say that about the s023g, I was laughing the other day at how easy it is to slowly graduate to incredibly expensive things with the "It's only a little more" philosophy heh..

I started looking/pricing RC's and started out planning to get the $20 Syma and ended up deciding that some ~$90 beast was the way to go (with a handful of increasingly expensive heli's in between lol)

Obviously I'm back to undecided :D


my guess is that it's probably easier to fly a real helicopter than one of these, what a pain


I've got an S107, and I've given a few as gifts. Easy as heck to fly, stable, good directional control. If you crash's your fault, not the copter's. That's in stark contrast to the non-gyro models that were so incredibly finicky...


These are the best beginner copters out there ive had one for a while now and love it. Just now starting to out grow it and looking into an outdoor version any suggestions?


My dad literally just bought one yesterday. I've never flown one before but within the first 5 minutes I flew it out into the kitchen and did a soft landing on the table. So much fun!


@alfredenigma: Get an Esky Big Outdoor Lama. Best bank for the buck and it's big. Can fly outside in light winds once you get some experience. Parts are cheap and plentiful as well as upgrades. The only upgrade required from day one is the extended inner shaft. There is also a lot of information available online for this model. Wind resistant helis are fixed pitch single rotor or collective pitch, and they are not for beginners like us.


I bought one of these after I couldn't trim out my son's Airhog Hawk Eye (2 channel). These are three channel, which means you can control up/down, left/right, and forward. My 8 year old son was flying this with minimal practice. There is quite a bit of cooldown/rechange time for the 15 minutes of flying time you get, but that teaches the kids patience. They are for indoor use and if the central heat or air is running, it can make flying a bit more challenging. Mine have taken a bit of abuse and keep on going. It looks like you can get spare parts as well. I now own three and paid $25 with free shipping from Amazon.


WOW!! What a deal!! So much fun for so little $$ Who Woot have thought??

The design and workmanship of these mini-helicopters make them ideal for indoor flying. They are sturdy yet flexible and neither break nor cause damage to other items upon impact.

If you're looking for a "worry-free" indoor activity to provide you with hours of challenging and exciting entertainment, invest the $20 and buy one of these....


I'll risk a quick "story" to explain why I posted this, and am pretty dedicated to talking about it. My father tried for DECADES to get into model airplane flying. He's great at building them, could never get the hang of flying 'em, and got tired of wrecking 'em. Very disappointing. He then tried helis with similar disappointment. Gave one to me for my son and I to try. Disaster... No fun at all, frustrating. But my son SO wanted to fly one... So I searched and searched and searched for a heli that actually worked... Happened on the Syma S107g. Ordered it for $20 with not much expectation. Was stunned to find it was BEST TOY EVER. Easy to fly, loads of fun. Something that actually did what it said (unlike, say, "Havoc" helis). Now it's a great bonding thing for me, my son AND my father. It was SO NICE to find A) a toy that did what it said and B) something 3 generations (8, 41 and 73 years old respectively) could enjoy together. Now I'm a "Brand Advocate"...


Bought this on amazon last week. Played with it for a while, but i kept running it into the walls. after at least a dozen times, the shaft attachment that holds the leveling blades broke. 6 bucks and free shipping has a new one on the way. This thing is awesome. Flies like a dream.


This is not really a deal...its quite average pricing...


@kvellano: I agree 100% - totally average price.

However, they really are some awesome helis.