dealsmp3 love songs for $0.69


Big of Amazon to spring for the shipping, you know. It's a download.

Still a good deal from a really good company.


I especially love how one of the 69 cent love songs is Eric Clapton - Cocaine. I just found out something I didn't want to know about Amazon . . .


69 cents...
Very appropriate price.


i saw the Facebook "Like" logo and it made me not like an otherwise nice deal


@gwpriester: downloads constitute "Free on Board Shipping" (the free not having anything to do with price; it implies delivery of goods) for the purposes of recording commerce transactions. i mean...if you want to get technical and all.


@akrasian: Adding insult to in jury, the best, the original, the only version you would ever want, by JJ Cale, is still $.99:

Yeah, it's pretty interesting that Amazon would classify it as a love song. There's probably a lot about Jeff Bezos that we don't know.