dealslite baconnaise, bacon salt 3-pack, & bacon lip…


Looks like they took my post down and updated yours. Still funny stuff. :) Although it's not fair that they dinged my was a change in item.


@cmangel518: I played around with it a little bit before I made the first comment on your deal. If you posted the deal using the "Woot This Deal" tool it would have given you the yellow box showing my post. By posting it through "Add a Deal" my post didn't even show up in the list of similar posts. The URL's were the same. It was essentially a duplicate post but you couldn't tell. It's an interesting bug.

How would that ding your reputation? As far as I know nothing negative occurs if a post is deleted.

Did you see the nutrition chart? It scares me to think about how bacon mayonnaise can be only 30 calories (for the lite). What is in there?


Can anyone tell me if the lite tastes as good as the original?