dealspokemon black or white @ amazon for $25.00


What does a blackberry pearl have to do with Pokemon for the Nintendo DS?


Because once they get up to remaking the fourth generation of the series, that's what they'll call the games. Blackberry Pearl and HTC Touch Diamond.


In for Pokemon Black. I haven't played this generation on my DS yet. $25 is the cheapest I've seen for a any generation Pokemon game in new condition.


This is one of the better Pokemon generation games that I have played, they lowered the angle of the camera when going threw cites and woodlands and it makes it look much nicer. Storyline actually feels interesting for once and actually makes it feel like a moral decision for the player (you ultimately have no choice but still).

Only complaint about this game I have is there are a lot of butt ugly Pokemon in this generation.... like a gear Pokemon, that when it evolves just adds another gear.


@kagamari: Or Trubbish which is literally a garbage bag with eyes and evolves into Garbodor (the same thing but with stuff spilling out and a mouth).


I got both version for $25 each when the game was released. $25 is not the cheapest I've seen it.


@minsley: Hey, someday, when your children's children ask you to tell them a story they haven't heard before YOU will take advantage of your experience via pokemon of turning inanimate objects into creatures and blammo. Flawless victory. You can even tell them about that time you wanted to be the very best...


@kagamari Just like how unoriginal it would be to have a magnet evolve into (you guessed it) more magnets? Gamefreak rehashes things all the time - it's what basically every new generation is.

Still, I loved this game, and this is definitely the cheapest I've seen it for. Nice storyline, and much better graphics and animations than previous generation.


$25 is reasonable deal. But, I could only find $34.99 in Amazon for that. Are we being misled?


@redwoodfan: This deal has been dead since yesterday. Amazon also has the same deal when the game was released.