dealsiogear rechargeable battery & protective case…


I have had a battery backup like this on my 4S since I got the phone and it has saved me many, many days. In fact, I could use a back up for my back up! But honestly they are worth the money...I paid more for mine. Dumb. I just bought two more from a deal offering a different surface for the shell about a week ago or I would be looking at these!


I've heard things like this mess up iphone battery life, is this true? I can't find any reviews on this particular model, and I've used a Duracell portable battery charging pack and my battery life has defiantly not been the same since.


@beaniemiles: they will mess up the battery if you leave it in charge mode 100% of the time. You have to turn it off and then charge it when the battery gets low (like 10% or less.) But that is NO different than if you leave your phone on the charger all of the time or if you charge it every night or day regardless of if it needs it. Batteries don't have "memories" any more, but they do only have a set number of times they can be charged, and if you charge it constantly, especially when it doesn't need it, you will use up the life of the battery pretty fast and it won't hold a charge.

I just bought the UNU one of these they offered last week. It arrived yesterday and seems to be a nice device. A guy at work has one (a different brand) on his 4S and likes it. I would prefer the case not be so slick; a nice rubber case can prevent sliding, the slick hard plastic slides around a bit.


@sumduud is there any fix to this? I know it's off topic but should I plan on getting a replacement battery ?


Ok, in for one. A little disturbed that I can't actually click through to the BBB on their site logo shown and further can't locate them on BBB by lookup, but used a limited cap CC for $20 purchase so we'll see.

I've been looking too long for these and this price point is too good.


Ahhhh... just discovered it is part of per twitter feed which is on the BBB. I feel better now.


Looks like it makes the iPhone huge. I don't get terrible life out of my 4.