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Way too small for passports....


@brossow: You are correct, of course, but I think this was coincidental. I don't see that Debbie had posted this as a reply to the question on Fresh.

Just saying...


@shrdlu: The coincidence is too funny. As usual, I was looking for something on one of my kids' lists when I found this deal. My finding and posting this had nothing to do with the question. Never even saw the question. FWIW, there is an inexpensive passport version of this posted as a deal about two months ago, if that's any help.


@shrdlu: I was just referring to the description that mentions passports. :-)


what happened to the good ol' days of just taking someone's credit cards


@attackingmoose: No kidding. It also says this:

Secure Sleeve® products from Identity Stronghold ensure that invasive communications such as skiimming, relaying, eavesdropping, cloning and tracking of ID, debit and credit cards, and _U.S. passports_ do not occur.

Didn't want anyone to skim (no pun intended) through the description and think that this specific item would work for their passport.

EDIT: From the link you posted, I just saw this:

"In addition, a protective, RFID-blocking sleeve is provided with each passport card to protect against unauthorized reading or tracking of the card when it is not in use."

So unless you lose or damage the one that came with your passport card, you don't need to buy this item since it already comes with one.


The one the passport card comes with is made by Identity Stronghold. They sell extras and ones for your credit cards and transit cards. They have a larger size for the passport book on their website.