deals2-pack motorola dual port universal usb travel…


I've tattled on your deals. All five went popular today very soon after being posted and most within about a 30 minute period. If you are using Shill accounts to bump your post you are breaking the rules.


I've bought from dailysteals a bit and shipping can be slow but you do get the items.


Dailysteals' reputation is almost legendary (in a bad way) here on Woot- But they're still no GearXS (HA!).

I can however vouch for this Motorola dual USB charger. I own a number of them that I've bought for cheap elsewhere. I keep them in my computer bags, at my girlfriend's house, at another friend's place just so I know I'll always be able to feed my thirsty Android phone.

There is a rapid charge version out there but it's like a unicorn. I ain't nevah seen it. All's I can say is I have these and they've served me well, for whatever that's worth.


Avoid Dailysteals ,if you like the item buy it from a more reliable site. I have had multiple problems with them and will not buy from Dailysteals again.