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And if you're really lucky, if you order two identical items they might even be identical! (Oh, how I miss the days when Levi's believed in quality control)


Be aware there is a reasonable chance you'll order something and later get an email that says the item is no longer available.

Also, almost every pair I have bought in the last 2 years has the same belt loop ripping loose, and not one in a spot where that even makes sense.


Seriously Levi's are no better in quality then Faded Glory Wal-Marts cheapo jeans. I bought some new Denizen jeans which are a new brand from Levi's and after 5 washes the back pockets had holes at the top corners on both sides. Total crap.


@staticbzzz: My biggest quality gripe with Levi's is that you can buy two pairs that are identical in cut, length, and waist, and find that they fit completely differently. They seem to last roughly as long as they used to, but when I buy two (allegedly) identical pairs and find that one barely buttons closed while the other falls right off me if I wear them without a belt, I don't consider their QC to be anywhere near where it used to be.


Yea the days of blind buying jeans is over, I'm a 32, and I've just resorted to buying 34's because I can wear a belt with the ones that are actually accurate, and the ones that slipped by QC fit perfectly.

Also, 78 bucks for a pair of regular straight legs? No wonder I go to Wal Mart and pay 15 for Wrangler.