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A must have for when zombies take over the world and you are tucked away in your underground bunker.


How do you get the soap taste out, when you want to churn the butter?


Hmm, I might be able to pour that concrete patio this spring.


I can make some nice Martini's with this bad boy


1) This is not a "deal" — it's on Amazon and the manufacturer's site for $43, regular price.

2) Regardless, I'd be interested to hear from any owners.

I've thought about getting this from time to time, but have always been put off by the cheap, wobbly plastic stand, and online reports of poor customer service (especially when the cheap, wobbly plastic stand goes south). The company has an F from the BBB:


Had it. Hated it. The drain never worked right, the flimsy stand is flimsy, and the pin holding the crank in liked to fall out randomly. It did actually get the clothes clean, though cranking it when full was difficult.

I replaced it with this:

That unit isn't perfect either, but it worked well for me for a year. Then I moved to a building with laundry facilities, so I can't say how long the machine will last.


Too bad this wasn't listed earlier this week, would have made a /great/ valentines day present.


I lived in an apartment once where the tenants above me had something similar to this.
They started to fill it with water, and left it to go do something else.
Before I know it, there is water oozing down my walls. Kinda freaky.


This would be nice for bathing small sized pets. If they had a larger size tub, I imagine it would be practical for the children's baths. :=)


Homeless people are going to love this deal when they log on today!


@robio: The BBB is full of crap. Businesses have to pay a lot of money to BBB to respond to complaints, and a lot of smaller companies can't afford to pay.


Slumlords: You want a washing machine?! Here's your %#$@ing washing machine!


I have a creek and a rock you can use if you'd rather, Nice and sturdy, no pins or plastic bases...


Or you could just take your dirty laundry into the shower with you, generously squirt shampoo over it, then stomp back and forth while you scrub your body as usual.

I've never actually tried this, but a character in a novel did his laundry this way. As he put it, "You're in there anyway, might as well kill two birds with one stone, right?"


I bought one from their site 3 years ago and used in when I lived in an apartment compex with no hookups for 8 months no problem. I have been using it again for the last year when our washer died and other than the fact it can be a pain to rinse and wring it cleans very well.


So if the price is poo AND the product is questionable AND the company has craptacular customer service, this is getting up-voted why?


This product now required to board when vacationing on Carnival Triumph!


Okay, I don't have a lot of time to finish this, but here's what I came up with so far.

Today is gonna be the day that the smell is gonna bother you
by now you should've somehow realized what you gotta do
I don't believe there's any power here - what will I do about it now?

I know - I'll make a little load and I'll turn the handle all about
Be sure to sort them all before, and treat all the stubborn stains with Shout!
I don't believe me or my buddy has a thing to do for half an hour ...

And all the clothes we packed in there are clean now
we alternated turns on the machine now
there were many other clothes
that we would like to wash
like our fluffy towels …

But maybe
we're gonna take it on our RV
it's small and posh
it's the WonderWash!



This thing (and a bucket) may be the better alternative:

It doesn't look like much, but check out the stellar reviews! Could also be handy for camping, RV'ing. or to keep on hand in case of power outages. Hm, should I get one? Maybe I'll just add it to my lengthy Wish List for now ...


This product only intended for cranky people.


This looks like a possible alternative...


@jornk: So if the price is poor AND the product is questionable AND the company has craptacular customer service, this is getting up-voted why?

because the sheeple can't fathom a site that doesn't operate like facebook and they are voting on their like of the comments, not on the quality of deal as Woot intended


Alas, looking like a sheep myself... forgot to down vote the craptacular product!


@kovo: That's not true - my company responds to all BBB complaints and we have never had to pay them a dime. You have to pay to be accredited by the BBB and display that little logo on your website and products. The complaint part is free.