dealshooded sweatshirts - solid colored for $5.00


Most colors and sizes are sold out. Best options at the moment are White and Light Blue


Unless you're a pixie,forget about finding your size.


Thanks for saving me the time of going to look!


bought three - use coupon code FREESHIP for free shipping - $15.00 for three generic hoodies that i can use and abuse...why not.


It is still going. I scored 2 white xl and 2 pink lg. There are a few decent choices left. Get 'em while they're hot. I always like shopping with those guys. Their little site always has something neat.


I just picked two up from here. Not a big fan of the light blue color, but you can't go wrong for that price. I had picked up another hoodie from weoweyou(dot)net and love it, but when i got that one it was $15, and now the same place has it for $5 each. . . I couldn't say no. Definitely worth it if you need a hoodie to lounge in or just to wear around casually.