dealsnewegg fans & heatsinks free after rebates + freeā€¦


For anyone having trouble finding the full list (like I did):

Edit: also, it seems there's only 9 CPU fans/heatsinks that have mail in rebates on them, and none of them show as free after rebates.


There's more stuff for sure. Here's a list of what I had the patience to compile. There may be more.

XIGMATEK LED Fan Crystal series CLF-F1705 170mm Purple:

XIGMATEK LED Fan Crystal series CLF-F1703 170mm Green:

XIGMATEK Cooling System XLF XLF-F1703 170mm LED Orange:

XIGMATEK PTI-G3606 thermal grease:

XIGMATEK LED Fan Crystal series CLF-F1704 170mm White:

XIGMATEK LED Fan Crystal series CLF-F1702 170mm Red:

XIGMATEK Cooling System XLF XLF-F2003 200mm LED Orange:


These are all good Xigmatek fans, though the rebate(s) mostly apply to somewhat odd/rare sizes that you may have to mod into most cases (170/200mm units account for most of them, though they also have some more traditionally-sized 80 and 140mm units for either free or $2.99 via these rebates, too). I've used their 120mm and 140mm units quite a lot over the last couple of years, and have always been happy with their performance.

There's a number of very good to outstanding CPU coolers with great rebates on them, too:

Xigmatek Balder SD1283 for $24.99 ($44.99 regularly)

Xigmatek Dark Knight for $18.96 ($38.96 regularly)

Xigmatek Thor's Hammer for $44.99 ($69.99 regularly)

Corsair A70 for $23.99 ($38.99 regularly)


anyone know if buying 3 of a single fan (3x purple 80mm) will allow me to get a rebate on all 3?

i read the fine print but its not so specific enough for me to have an answer.


I've read a lot of complaints about Xigmatek not honoring their rebates so be careful, everyone. Make sure you read all the directions and fine print and make copies of everything. And be prepared to call them after a certain amount of time if you haven't received your rebate yet. You might also want to avoid buying something that you don't need just because it'll "free". I bought a Xigmatek fan with a rebate last week and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get my rebate. It's something I needed anyway and was a good price even without the rebate. It also looks like Newegg raised some of the prices of the CPU coolers. I know the Dark Knight was going for $34.99 the past few weeks (not to mention the two-day 20% coupon Newegg had). Good luck!


Haven't looked at this rebate form, but noticed on the fans I bought for nearly free after rebate, back at the end of September, the following fine print on the rebate form:

-must be received within 15 days of the end of the rebate period (most companies still give 30 days, so watch yourself, and get them mailed in quickly!)

-rebate company has up to 12 weeks to get you your rebate, after the mailing deadline has passed. Which actually gives them 3-1/2 months after the rebate period ends to get you your rebate.

For mine, the rebate period ended September 30th, the mailing deadline was October 15th, and they have until the middle of JANUARY to get me my money.

Nice loan for them, at zero interest, eh?


Good deal, but I refuse to do any business with any MIR. It's not that I am lazy, unmotivated, etc...merely that I do not wish to give a company my money and wait to see if I get any of it back months later.


@xarous: No one can argue: rebates suck. But if you're willing to go that extra (sometimes ridiculous) mile to save money, it's the way to go :)


@axed: I would think so. It would be just like you bought them individually, you'd probably just need to send in a rebate form for each.


@axed: "anyone know if buying 3 of a single fan (3x purple 80mm)
will allow me to get a rebate on all 3?
i read the fine print but
its not so specific enough for me to have an answer."

As others have said, I'd be careful with this one.
The rebate form has a box for "Newegg Item #" (not plural)
and the Rules and Regulations include
"Limited one item per offer per person, household, family or address."

I would guess this is limited to a quantity of one of a single product.


Actually there are 3 seperate and completely different rebate forms. You have to search for all 3 rebate forms by just clicking on the "rebate form link" for different fans. The easiest way is to just search the XIGMATEK Fans here......

...and look at there prices on the left side of the screen. When you see the rebate offered on its price, open that product up and click the rebate form until you have found all 3 forms. ALSO.... Newegg's product pages say limit 5 per customer but all the rebates say "Limit one rebate per item per offer per person, household, family or address." I have tried to call Xigmatek to verify you can by mutliple items and just turn in a rebate form for each product bought or if we are limited to one item one time per address?!?! I hope I can order more....I am ready for all the free fans I can buy!!!!


Anyone know if these fans are PWM (speed variable)?


Another warning for you. When newegg says limit 5, that is just how many they will let you buy in a 48 hour period. It has nothing to do with the rebate price.


well, i emailed xigma and it turns out its limited to 1 per item, to confirm. however... its my belief that if you get one 80mm in white, one in purple, and one in blue, then you will have 3 different items, and 3 different rebates.

i'll probably give that a shot and wont find out if it works for another few weeks at the earliest.


@passenger57: I'm pretty sure these are all 3-pin (usually a 3-pin to molex adapter is included, though) fixed-speed fans.