dealsswiss tech utili-key 6-in-1 keychain multitool…


Great product but I have bought them for $1.50 each!


I absolutely love mine. It comes in handy all the time with just the screwdriver bits. I regularly take it on planes with me as well because it looks like a key and they never notice. I even bought one for each of my family members, but..

Shipping is $4.99 each and totally kills the deal. You can buy up to 3 but the shipping price is still $4.99 each so 3 would cost you almost $15 in just shipping. Its $8.99 on Amazon.


@niel89: My daughter forgot she had it on her key ring and they confiscated it at the airport security checkpoint. Now that they've loosened up on small knives it might be OK, but I'm not sure she'd risk it again, as she hated having it taken away.


I have traveled all over the globe with mine attached to my key ring and security has never seen it. Looks too much like a key. I have a couple of these, love them.


Loved mine until TSA took it. With the change in knife rules I hope these will be allowed.


Newegg has them for $7.95 with free shipping


These things friggin rule. I have used mine a million times for various tasks. Got it in a stocking from my mom years ago.

The weird thing is I lost mine about a year ago and just found it a few days ago in a pile of crap in a drawer and now it shows up on deals.woot.

I should play lotto or something today.


These things were always at least $10 at Restoration Hardware, ha!