deals72 foam gliders for $8.00 + free shipping


These look somewhat similar to a bunch of foam gliders I bought several years ago.

I bought the foam gliders, thinking they would fly as well as the balsa wood gliders I used to buy as a kid.

Lesson learned.
The foam gliders were total crap compared to the old balsa wood ones.
The balsa wood gliders always worked great (at least until they hit something hard and got damaged).
The foam gliders on the other hand, I tried several of the ones in the box I received, and I couldn't get any of them to fly worth a damn.
I can make a paper airplane that flies far smoother than the foam planes I received.


And this is how PuttPutt and Chuck E Cheese make their money. This is usually what my kids walk out with for their tickets after I spend $40 in tokens.


@mutedexposure: you should check out Oriental Trading Company toys


@superninja: Thanks for the info. I was looking forward to glider wars at work though. =(


@mutedexposure: Heck, this is what I usually walked out with. LOL.

They've been making serious money off of those gliders since as far back as I can remember- in the early-mid 80s when I was a kid that was what I would always wind up with... and those poppers you turn inside out to have them jump up in the air. Ah, memories...


@superninja: I like that the recycle value of the paper tickets always exceeds the value of the prize at Chuck E Cheese.


yea they are not really known to fly well an rip pretty easy from the ones i have had


I still remember grabbin these from the ice cream man during the summer and my friends and I would
have contests to see who coulda do better tricks. Ahh the good ol days.


Someone should buy this and launch them all off the top of a skyscraper (please video and post on YouTube if you do)


Kids would still have fun just holding them and running... not a bad price for so many... birthday parties come to mind.


@mrsmoofy: I want to do this really badly. I work in a 22 story building but don't have access to the roof. :(


@w00tgurl: 72 pcs @ Oriental Trading are $8.50, plus shipping.