dealshaier 39" 1080p 60hz lcd hdtv l39b2180 w/ promo…


Thanks for the post; I received this in Newegg's yesterday, too.

One of my brothers got a Haier 42" last Black Friday for $299.99; they had the 39 inch a few months ago for the same price. I almost got one then--didnt. Since then Comcast has canned analog transmission, so I've been without a tv in one of our rooms.

I wanted to hold out for a 1080p/120Hz... but for now, this will satisfy everyone! I got one.

NOTE: The tv is $399.99 LESS a $50 MIR LESS the $40 promo code. Free Ship


Sorry, my mistake.

The $50 is INSTANT (NO MIR).

And then the $40 promo code = $90 off immediately!

I'm in for one!


I purchased a Haier on Black Friday. It broke within 2 months. Their customer service is the absolute worst I've ever had to deal with. They are not currently replacing this model at this time, and will either refund the original cost, or give you a downgrade replacement. I will never purchase another Haier product again.

A similar story inspired another unhappy customer to start "www.(profanity)". Interestingly, after 6 months of no response, they immediately replaced his television; the site no longer exists.