dealsscanner mouse for $49.99 + free shipping


Hmm, this seems like a useful gadget, but are there so many down votes because it's in fact a sucky gadget? This is a legitimate question.


I actually HAVE this exact Brookstone mouse which I paid the full $79.99 price for.

It's fine and it does what it says. It is not as sharp as a real 600dpi scanner, but it is OK for pictures or quick scans of newspaper or magazine articles, which is what I wanted it for.

The Brookstone description won't tell you clearly, but it comes with software which stays dormant until you press the scan button on the left side. Then you move the mouse around and all over what you want to "scan". It is a camera, consider it like a video camera, which is focused exactly and takes pictures of basically 3/4 inch by 1 1/2 inch, and as you move it around what you are "scanning", the software nearly instantly overlaps and keeps building the larger picture/scan. When you are finished, it pops into a quick edit screen where is straightens the picture (it guesses but it is usually correct) and you can crop to a rectangle image and save.


If you are careful with practice and overlap just right but as little as possible, you can scan about 11x14, or a half page of a newspaper, in one image, at 400dpi, but keep in mind it is just not quite as sharp as a real scanner. But sharp enough to be very usable. If you overlap sloppily or too much the max image size will be smaller, but you, I, get better with practice. 400dpi is the highest resolution, there are three lower resolutions, next down is 300 and who knows what is lower, I haven't tried. At lower resolutions you probably can scan even larger areas. If you don't compare against a good flatbed scanner (and those are all good now), you might not even notice the very slightly lower sharpness.

I use it to "scan" newspaper and magazine articles, mostly text but with printed halftone pictures, on the run. The mouse fits in my laptop bag. No flatbed scanner needed and it is easier to use than a "wand" type scanner which I can almost never get a clear straight image from.


BIG thumbs up from me and this is a great deal that I wish I had caught. I was satisfied at $79.99.

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Just use your cell phone camera and a scanner app.... if you can spend $80.00 on a scanner mouse you better have a decent smartphone with a decent camera... heck, for that much you could by all of the scanner apps out there ;)


Jacktan, I like your point.

I do use my iPhone for scanning, but at times it feels a bit small.
it easy to see the attraction of the mouse scanner. (And what a great gadget name: Mouse/Scanner. Cute!)
Good luck with it.


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Agreed, upvote for me. Not my cup of tea, but seems like a useful gadget at a decent price.


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