dealsyou had me at the proper use of you're t shirt…


This is one of the best shirt's I've ever seen!


If there's one thing I can't stand, its guy's who can't tell your and you're apart.


I want to like this shirt, but I can't, because I do not understand why they capitalized "You're." It defeats the message. In order for this to be a perfect shirt, they should capitalize the first word, not "You're," and they should tack a period onto the end of the sentence. With those changes, it would be one of the greatest shirts ever. Until sale. If you're going to put grammar humor on a shirt, that shirt should have flawless execution.


@sparklecoogs: idk it's within quotes so maybe it's in reference to a prior comment that the person said. Also the non capitalization of the first word makes sense if you're simply texting/iming someone.


Went to buy this shirt and bought 2 others as well. Thanks.


@sparklecoogs: exactly. i would have bought it otherwise.


@sparklecoogs: Sorry, but I don't think it's a given that this is a sentence. Suppose it's just part of a sentence? And I understand the capitalization because I ASSUME (I can assume, if I choose to) that the person being addressed has just written something such as "Your gonna love this one, dude." or something to that effect, to the speaker. In any case, I applaud you for being even MORE picky than I am, which is a rare thing, but this shirt delights me so that I'm willing to overcome the flaws which you perceive in it.


grammatical sloppiness punctuation errors and mispelled words is things with which I wont put up with